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19.30 uur
Benefietconcert met samenzang
m.m.v. Nico Declerck
GKV De Levensbron, Rouveen

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Tjaco van der Weerd Bovenkerk KampenTjaco van der Weerd (1990) was born in Sri Lanka and adopted in the same year. As a young boy he was already interested in music and enjoyed the sound of the 3 manual Reil - De Koff organ of the “Poortkerk”  in Kampen. In that time he was already visually impaired, but learned by  himself songs and hymns on piano and organ. The challenge of developping his hearing and musicality became stronger when he became completely blind at the age of 7.
At the age of 9 Tjaco had the opportunity to get piano lessons in the music school of Kampen. Hans Bos teached him the basics of the music theory. After 2 years of piano lessons he got his A-graduation for Piano,  Cum Laude for improvisations. His next step was the church organ, where from 2002 untill 2006 he studied by John Propitius.
Another teacher was Jasper Stam (2005 - 2007), who taught Tjaco musical theory, harmonisation and improvisation, in various styles.
In 2007 he also had masterclasses , lead by the blind organist Paul Houdijk, to learn spoken  sheet music.
From 2006 untill 2011 he studied the French Romantic en the modern genre with Geerten Liefting as his teacher, the head organist of the St. Bonaventurakerk in Woerden.
He also attended masterclasses with the improviser Gijsbert Lekkerkerker of Harmelen.
At this moment  he studied Ab Weegenaar, organist of the “Bovenkerk” in Kampen.
In 2013 Tjaco attended a masterclass improvisation by the well known German professor Wolfgang Seifen in Kevelaer (D).
In July 2011 Tjaco was in a TV-program called  “Onder Wibi’s vleugels” and  also in 2011 he took part in the Feike Asma competition of “Johannes Orgelbouw” in Ede.

In June 2010 Tjaco started his own company Kumara Music, the name for al his musical activities.

Now Tjaco is the organist of the Hervormde Kerk in Zwartsluis, where he plays the Knol-organ (1779) and of the Hervormde Gemeente of Kampen, where he plays on the “Van Vulpen”-organ (1973) in “Het Open Hof”.

Tjaco had already his first concert on 13th of March 2003, playing at the magnificent Garrels organ of the Nieuwe Kerk in Maassluis, further on a lot of concerts in the rest of Holland. Abroad there were concerts in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, England, Switserland and Rumania, as well as in his homeland Sri Lanka.
In the past years he recorded CD’s in the “Bovenkerk” of Kampen, the Evangelisch Lutherse Kerk in Den Haag and the Saint Francois, Lausanne in Switzerland, where he played on the impressive 5 manual Kuhn organ.